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Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022

Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022


Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022

It may seem surprising that there aren’t any official PS5 faceplate coverings available, given how easily they can be removed. You may be considering aftermarket options if you’re unsatisfied with the original white colour or simply want a different choice to assist you “PIMP” up your new console. Where should you begin, given the uncertainty that comes with straying from official products? We’ve put together a list of the top PS5 faceplates to help you make your console look its best. Here are the Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022.

#1 – D-brand

This is a high-quality, faithfully manufactured solution for those wishing to come as near to licenced black plates as possible. It features their own take on the PlayStation emblems carved into the genuine plates. You can also choose your favourite middle skin to go with your plates for a variety of customising choices. I personally bought those for myself and let me tell you, everything from the unboxing experience to the quality of these plates is amazing!

#2 – Benazcap PS5 Faceplate

The Benazcap PS5 Faceplate is as near to a direct replacement for the PS5 side panels as you’ll get. This is a pair of ABS plastic panels that are almost comparable to the originals in terms of strength and durability. The only difference is that instead of gloss white, they’re matte black. As a result, the Benazcap panels are an excellent method to match your PS5 to previous PlayStation systems. However, there is one condition. The Benazcap faceplate is only available for the PS5 disc version at the moment. It is yet to be released on the PS5 digital version.

#3 – WDS Store

These amazing transparent faceplates look fantastic with the black PS5 centre. Furthermore, the simple installation and elegant design symbolise both utility and good looks. They’re also inexpensive and comes in different colors for both digital and disc console.


While there are several colored faceplates on the market, we’ve never seen one in such a vibrant hue. The plates are also dust- and scratch-resistant, and come in a variety of colours. Available for both digital and disc console.

#5 – Bit Labs

These matte black pair of plates are stunning and durable. It will look fantastic anywhere you display your PS5 console, thanks to its durability and superb matte surface. These plates come in 3 versions and to be honest, the transparent one really steals the show here!

#6 – A/A

This is the one to have if you don’t mind the original white hue but want your plates to be a little more furistic. This is an unique plate with improved airflow for your console. This protective shell is easy to install and detach, and suitable for PS5 console, and it will not affect any functions. Available for both digital and disc console.

 – Conclusion –

Despite the lack of certified replacements, individuals looking to replace their PS5 plates have lots of alternatives.

In terms of value for money, the opportunity to choose a fancy middle skin from a vast variety, and attention to detail not found in the other entries on our list, Dbrand darkplates are the best option.

The inclusion of a creative gift box to house your new faceplates, as well as the unique take on the PlayStation shapes displayed on the back of the official plates, adds that extra touch of quality.

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