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Best Website builders 2022

Best Website builders 2022


Best Website Builders 2022: A Comparison Guide between Two Top Site Builders

Currently, several website builders have filled the internet. However, two brands, notably Divi Builder and Wix Builder, have continued to stand out among the rest. The two builders come with many impressive qualities and features, such as drag and drop systems, which allow for the development of any website. Also, Divi and Wix are well-known for their high-converting web pages that require no coding knowledge. 

Even though the two site builders possess some similar qualities, there are still notable differences between them. To learn more about the features, performance, similarities, differences, as well as pros and cons of the Divi and Wix site builders, endeavor to read this article to the end.

Divi Vs. Wix: A Brief Introduction

– Divi Site Builder –

In 2013, Divi was developed by Elegant Themes as a WordPress theme. This site builder features drag and drop systems that enable a straightforward means of building sites using modules. Divi is designed with frontend and backend builders that can be added to the post-editors and pages. Also, it makes layouts with 46 modules that allow for personalization using simple controls and CSS.

– Wix Site Builder –

In 2006, Wix was developed as a cloud-based platform that enables site development and hosting. Essentially, it is designed to give everyone a chance to construct a professional website without any coding experience. Wix site builder comes with a drag and drop option, as well as 25 building elements, hosting, domain names, 500 templates, logo makers, and many more. Undoubtedly, this builder holds every element needed to construct a website from start to finish.

Divi Vs. Wix: Features, Ease of Use, Supported Platform, Customer Support, Community, Price and Membership

– Features –

Divi: This platform operates with a backend and frontend builder. Also, it comes with 46 drag and drop modules. Users simply have to place the modules between rows and sections to develop a personalized layout. Also, with the builder, you can construct pages, sections, rows, and modules to your taste.

The theme customizer allows you to design the site-wide settings as you deem fit. Most website beginners will find Divi site builder as an easy-to-use platform, whereas the Pro will relish the platform’s code and CSS features while designing.

Aside from creating your preferred layouts, you can also use pre-made layouts or child themes for your pages. More so, it is possible to increase functionalities with plugins – if you have expertise in coding, you can add your own code. Before launching your website, you should check its effectiveness with a/b testing. Finally, Divi functions with several languages and uses RTL support.

Wix: This platform is considered as an all-in-one builder as far as website development is concerned.

Wix offers three methods of building websites, which include Wix code, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), and Wix Editor.

The code allows you to design a custom web app for your site. With the ADI, you can construct a website immediately by providing answers to some questions.

Some features of the editor include 25 building elements (with multiple options), drag and drop interface, 500 templates, parallax, video backgrounds, among others. Take note that all the editor features are customizable.

Once you use the Wix site builder for your website, it will be hosted on the brand’s service, including the security, SEO, domain names, backups, among others.

To expand your website, you can get add-ons from the app market. Also, the platform allows you to edit images, create logos, apply stock images, view analytics, protect pages, embed HTML, and use financial tools. Lastly, you get to have a personalized mailbox as well.

– Ease of Use –

Divi: With ease, every user can install Divi as a WordPress Plugin and theme. After installation, you can start creating web pages from the WordPress environment effortlessly.

Wix: On this platform, all you have to do is to sign up, then start creating your website. After developing the site, you only have to connect the domain with your home page.

– Support –

Divi: This platform runs on Elegant themes that include a ticket system, forum, and documentation. However, the longevity of the support will depend on your membership – It can be one year or a lifetime.

Wix: This builder offers help-center having an extensive database of phone calls and articles. You can also get VIP support.

– Community –

Divi: This brand owns a large community featuring a blog. Within the community, you get to find meetups, layouts, themes, websites, videos, podcasts, courses, and many Facebook groups. Also, it allows for two blog posts daily.

Wix: This platform runs a smaller platform, which includes a blog. You get to find a Facebook group for eCommerce, websites for tutorials, videos, courses, and themes in the community. Also, it allows for four posts to the blog weekly.

– Supported Platforms –

Divi: This builder works for WordPress sites, eCommerce stores, and blogs only.

Wix: This platform is compatible with every website, blog, eCommerce stores, and platforms, content management systems, and other website builders.

– Price and Membership –

Divi: To use Divi, you will need an Elegant Themes membership. Divi allows users who wish to leave the platform to take the plugins as well as use their content. However, the unlimited use of themes and plugins depend on two options:

$89 Membership – A yearly access, including support and updates. Retain themes and plugins when you cancel.

$249 Membership – A lifetime access, including support and updates.

Wix: This builder offers six different packages to subscribers. All the plans come with hosting, as well as varying levels of bandwidth and storage. If you cancel membership with Wix, your website will turn to a free account. Hence, you get to keep your content. Except for the “Free Plan,” all other plans require a monthly subscription.

Free package – 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage, Wix domain, ads
$5 package – 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage
$11 package – 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage
$14 package – unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, form builder
$17 package – 20GB storage, online store
$25 package – VIP support

Final Note

Evidently, the two site builders (i.e., Divi and Wix) are powerful platforms to develop websites with ease.

For those who would like to use a drag and drop building system for WordPress while having complete control over the features, they should go for the Divi site builder.

However, if you are looking for a platform that features every element needed to raise a website from start to finish, then your go-to get option should be the Wix site builder.

Understandably, the choice is subjective; hence feel free to choose what suits you the most between the two excellent platforms. Good luck!

Run by Alex, a 34-year-old self-proclaimed nerd and technology fanatic. On this blog you will find… read more

Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022

Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022


Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022

It may seem surprising that there aren’t any official PS5 faceplate coverings available, given how easily they can be removed. You may be considering aftermarket options if you’re unsatisfied with the original white colour or simply want a different choice to assist you “PIMP” up your new console. Where should you begin, given the uncertainty that comes with straying from official products? We’ve put together a list of the top PS5 faceplates to help you make your console look its best. Here are the Best PS5 faceplate covers 2022.

#1 – D-brand

This is a high-quality, faithfully manufactured solution for those wishing to come as near to licenced black plates as possible. It features their own take on the PlayStation emblems carved into the genuine plates. You can also choose your favourite middle skin to go with your plates for a variety of customising choices. I personally bought those for myself and let me tell you, everything from the unboxing experience to the quality of these plates is amazing!

#2 – Benazcap PS5 Faceplate

The Benazcap PS5 Faceplate is as near to a direct replacement for the PS5 side panels as you’ll get. This is a pair of ABS plastic panels that are almost comparable to the originals in terms of strength and durability. The only difference is that instead of gloss white, they’re matte black. As a result, the Benazcap panels are an excellent method to match your PS5 to previous PlayStation systems. However, there is one condition. The Benazcap faceplate is only available for the PS5 disc version at the moment. It is yet to be released on the PS5 digital version.

#3 – WDS Store

These amazing transparent faceplates look fantastic with the black PS5 centre. Furthermore, the simple installation and elegant design symbolise both utility and good looks. They’re also inexpensive and comes in different colors for both digital and disc console.


While there are several colored faceplates on the market, we’ve never seen one in such a vibrant hue. The plates are also dust- and scratch-resistant, and come in a variety of colours. Available for both digital and disc console.

#5 – Bit Labs

These matte black pair of plates are stunning and durable. It will look fantastic anywhere you display your PS5 console, thanks to its durability and superb matte surface. These plates come in 3 versions and to be honest, the transparent one really steals the show here!

#6 – A/A

This is the one to have if you don’t mind the original white hue but want your plates to be a little more furistic. This is an unique plate with improved airflow for your console. This protective shell is easy to install and detach, and suitable for PS5 console, and it will not affect any functions. Available for both digital and disc console.

 – Conclusion –

Despite the lack of certified replacements, individuals looking to replace their PS5 plates have lots of alternatives.

In terms of value for money, the opportunity to choose a fancy middle skin from a vast variety, and attention to detail not found in the other entries on our list, Dbrand darkplates are the best option.

The inclusion of a creative gift box to house your new faceplates, as well as the unique take on the PlayStation shapes displayed on the back of the official plates, adds that extra touch of quality.

Run by Alex, a 34-year-old self-proclaimed nerd and technology fanatic. On this blog you will find… read more